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There is no doubt that purchasing a home is an important event in anyone’s life. There are so many things to consider before making an offer on an existing home. One thing that most future homeowners often overlook is a building and pest inspection. A building and pest inspection however should be one of the top priorities for any home purchase prior to entering into a contract.

Why Hire Home Inspect QLD?

Often, a building and home inspection may be difficult because of a fast-moving real estate market, a popular property, or a real estate agent who has been directed to move the property quickly. Nevertheless, a future homeowner can still make sure that this issue is covered by having their conveyancer/solicitor provide the appropriate wording into a contract.

The key point is that everyone who is considering purchasing an existing home should make sure that a professional building and pest inspection is performed. You may however wonder about why is a building and pest inspection so important? That is a very good question to consider.

Imagine the following situation. A young couple are in the process of purchasing their first home. They have two children aged 5 and 3 and they are very excited about raising a family in a home of their own. They have saved their money for the past 3 years and are now in a position to make a down payment and obtain a mortgage.

For six months they search for their ideal dream home. Their home will need at least three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a good sized yard, and two bathrooms. Finally, the stumble across the home of their dreams and make an offer. The owner accepts the offer and they are now ready to begin an exciting new chapter in their life.

Unfortunately, their dream home quickly turns into their worst nightmare. They discover that all of the plumbing may need to be updated or replaced. The house has antiquated wiring which will need to be removed and redone. The main floor has serious issues because of partially rotten floor joists. Even the roof will require major repairs as it is on the verge of collapsing.

A reputable builder comes into their home and tells them that they will need to spend approximately $100,000 to properly fix all of the problems. As you can imagine, this young couple is completely devastated. They wonder how could this happen, where did they go wrong?

The simple answer to the last two questions are that they never had a building and pest inspection prior to signing the contract. Unfortunately, the house was also infested with termites and ants. A simple building and pest inspection would have saved them from their current financial stress and emotional heartache. This is a sad story but it could have been avoided.

Call Roy On 0438 993 225 For;
Combined Building & Pest Inspections From $380 Anywhere In The Gold Coast Region


Our combined building and pest inspection will provide you with an assessment of the following areas:

Building And Pest Inspections: INSIDE

– gutters (clean with a good flow)
– doors
– sub-floor and flooring (check for structural damage)
– framing (square)
– plumbing (leaks and working drains)
– wiring (proper amp box, check power points)
– ceilings (leak stains)
– foundation walls and footings
– rot and mold
– window and door spacings (adequately sealed)
– legalities (illegal extensions/alterations)
– pest inspection
– walls (cracks and imperfections hidden by wallpaper)

Building And Pest Inspections: OUTSIDE

– pest inspection
– condition of fences and gates
– fire hazards
– roof condition (tiles and frames)
– large trees too close to the house
– walls are straight and plumb
– sewer drainage
– external taps and water pressure
– external buildings (sheds, garages, barns, etc.)
– swimming pool

Simply put, a building and pest inspection will provide you with a report on the current condition of your potential new home. This report will help you to make a better decision on whether to purchase the home or not. If you decide to purchase the home, the report will help you to understand upfront any sort of repairs or maintenance that you may require in the future.

The better building and pest inspection companies will have the more modern and up-to-date equipment and technology. Some of that equipment may include thermal imaging cameras, borescopes, moisture meters, and sounder tools. Of course, it is important to use only a professional and reputable building and pest inspection company that has trained technicians who are experienced with using this type of equipment.

Building And Pest Inspections: Equipment Used

A thermal imaging camera is an innovative form of technology that is comprehensive and non-invasive. It is used by trained inspectors to discover whether any termites are living in your home. A termite radiates heat/energy which can be easily identified by these specialized cameras. The energy is displayed on a screen which is viewed by the technician. The heat pattern will determine whether you have a termite infestation in your home.

A borescope is a handy tool that will help the inspector to magnify an internal image that normally is difficult to reach. For example, you can use a borescope to see areas inside a wall cavity. A moisture meter will help to determine if there are any dampness or moisture problems occurring behind drywall, plasterboard, and other types of wall cladding. It will provide an extremely accurate measurement of any dampness.

When using a sounder tool the technician is searching for any defect within a building. For example, he would listen for things such as loose tiles or hollow timber. These type of issues and other issues may conceal a serious problem. A professional building and pest inspection company will have a team of inspectors who can easily interpret the sounds that they hear using this piece of equipment.

Building & Pest Inspection Reports

After finalizing the inspection the team of inspectors will provide you with comprehensive reports that can outline all areas of concern within your home and property. The report will be complete utilizing extensive notes, digital images, and suggestions. A detailed report of your entire home and property can be more than 20 pages long.

A detailed report would be useless if it only included the conditions of your home and property. A proper report should also include viable solutions to the problem. Most reputable companies will provide you with a visual building inspection report and a visual pest inspection report. Sometimes these two reports will cross reference each other for a proper solution.

For example, let’s say that the report mentioned that the overall condition of your roof covering was good. The report however mention that there are parts of the metal roof that are rusting. The recommendation included in the report would be to repair or replace some of the metal roofing sheets. It also would recommend that a roofing contractor be contacted for additional advice.

It is obvious from the above information that every homeowner should have a building and pest inspection done on the perspective new home purchase. After all, your home investment is perhaps the largest investment that you will ever make. Also, an inspection will give you peace of mind and save you from long-term financial and emotional stress.

You will find a variety of home and pest inspection companies in your area but your next question may be which one do I use? To answer this question you will need to first ask the company representative a few important questions. The answers to these questions will provide you with a better understanding of who to choose.

The questions should include:

– What qualifications do the inspectors have?
– Does the company have a good reputation and service record?
– Does a company provide a guarantee on the inspection?

Besides asking the representative of the company you may want to also talk to a few colleagues, family, or friends about companies that they may have used in the past. The chances are that if they were happy with a particular company and the service that it provided, then you will be also.

Call Roy On 0438 993 225 For;
Combined Building & Pest Inspections From $380 Anywhere In The Gold Coast Region